About Patient Advocacy

The Texas Alliance for Patient Services (TAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit member association organization providing professional development, networking opportunities, and resources for those who serve as patient advocates as well as other healthcare professionals interested in the field of advocacy. TAPS is affiliated with the Texas Hospital Association (THA). This aligned relationship enables us to bring nationally recognized best practices to our Texas members.

Hospital-based patient advocacy grew out of the patient rights movement: of the 1960s. As early as 1971, President Nixon directed H.E.W. Secretary Richardson to convene a commission on medical malpractice. One hundred–and-forty healthcare professionals met in Philadelphia to discuss the field of Patient Advocacy and Representation. In 1972, AHA accepted charter membership of the National Society of Patient Representatives, and in 1976 formed as a professional society for patient representatives. The Texas Alliance for Patient Services organized in 1976.

Patient Advocates enable patients and families to obtain solutions to problems and work in cooperation with all departments to improve the service experience.

As the healthcare organization’s direct representatives, Patient Advocates interpret mission, philosophy, policies, procedures and services to the hospital community –patients, families, visitors, staff and physicians. Advocates collaborate with other health care providers to mediate conflict and facilitate positive change, and as educators and health information specialists they work to empower others.