Francisco Gonzalez


Francisco Xavier Gonzalez

Hospitality / Guest Relations / Service Excellence Manager
6748 E. Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas 75231
(214) 608-3718


Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas 2003 to Present
Patient Advocate – Patient & Guest Services – Manager of Hospitality

Manager of the following:

Hotel, Scrub Shop, Business Center, summer volunteers,
Lobby volunteers, Credit Union (oversee contract), Service Excellence, Concierge, Primary contact for BOD and Trustees,

First line of contact for junior volunteers
Responsible for recruitment of volunteers
Training of seasoned volunteers and new volunteers in service excellence
Transporting of patients
Lead Service Excellence education and act on feedback
Present energizing classes to new hires
Present Medicare and Medicaid updates to physicians
Contribute to ongoing improvement of program
Transport of patients to and from departments
Conduct service audits across all departments
Communicate Patient Rights to staff, physicians, patient and families
Act as an advocate to assure understanding
Advocate for physicians
Accommodate patient’s access to available amenities
Identify needs for new amenities based on patient request trends
Identify physician needs based on physician specialties
Conduct daily patient rounds addressing any issues immediately
Act as a resource for patient rights and associate CMS guidelines
Track positive and negative issues
Act as first line of contact for grievances and document actions
Support Guest Service Hot Line
Respond to emergency situations
First line of contact for physicians
Maintain supplies necessary for department
Recognize safety hazards
First line of contact for the Central Business Office
Supervise and train hospital ambassadors
Supervise hotel staff employees
Project manager for Post Discharge Calls
Assisted in creating the complaint module (SALT)
Knowledgeable in Press Ganey
Primary contact for Beryl Company for discharge calls and reporting structure
Develop and train staff for Language interpreting
Develop and manage Hospitality department
Develop and manage Customer Relations department
Created, implemented, and upgraded new hire training program curriculum for Spanish speaking phone agents that significantly improved effectiveness and relationships
Diversity Co Chair

Describe specific actions you have undertaken to promote the field of patient advocacy within your organization.

Develop the skills to build personal relationships.

Keep members truthfully informed by providing as much information as I can.

Expect each BOD to act with integrity and keep commitments.

Confront hard issues in a timely fashion.

Protect the interest of all members.

TAPS board members must meet deadlines, complete tasks, and attend a variety of meetings/events as a representative of the professional organization.  Please share how the responsibilities of your volunteer position on the board will fit with the demands of your current job.

By influencing the power differentials within the organization by developing building appropriate social norms among the hospital and TAPS.

Describe your vision of the role of a patient advocate in today’s healthcare environment.

Patient advocates act as the liaison between patients and Health Care Providers to manage, improve and maintain the high level of quality of care.

What unique skills and experience will you bring to the TAPS Board of Directors?

My management style, my understanding of the organization, my drive of where I believe this organization should be and most importantly by previous background of being on several boards.