Leslye Mlcak


Leslye Mlcak Education Co-Chair

Bio:  After 18 years in the insurance industry in sales and as a licensed agent, I decided to change careers and use my customer service experience in the medical field. I started in the department 16 years ago as a Patient Representative II and was promoted to Administrative Manager in 2008. I oversee and work side-by-side with a fabulous and skilled team of patient advocates. Every day we encounter challenges, are witness to the miracle of healing and the devastation of loss. We are better people because of this.
I’ve seen my hospital grow and expand exponentially over the years and am very proud to be a member of the UTMB family. The leadership at our hospital is among the very best around. Their support, as well as the support of our physicians, nurse and clinical leaders and staff, makes it a truly cohesive team effort to provide an outstanding experience for our patients and their families. I work closely with our Quality and Risk Management teams as well as hospital and clinic administration in reviewing, investigating, and resolving patient concerns and seeing to the service needs of patients and their families.

I’m a BOI (Born on Island) and proud of it! I was born on this island, at this hospital, get care here, and work here. It’s my home away from home. My son works here also and my daughter is a student in our Physical Therapy program. It’s a great place to live, feel valued and appreciated, and contribute to others.
I began attending TAPS conferences in 2012 and it was an enlightening experience to meet and network with others who share common experiences and day-to-day challenges. I quickly became of member of the organization and it’s been my honor to have been on the TAPS Board of Directors since 2014.

What does TAPS mean to me? Where do I start? When I first started coming to conferences, I sat, listened, took lots (and lots) of notes and quietly observed. I was shy that way. Then. Thanks to a very engaging and welcoming group of Board members and attendees, I quickly became part of the group and shared my stories and the experiences of my team, our practices and our challenges. We see or speak with our patients and their families during the best and worst of times; doing everything possible to help them, no matter how great or small the need, it is why we do what we do. It’s why I keep coming back to the TAPS organization. I am able to bring back to my team what I’ve learned, the best practices of other organizations, funny and touching stories and so much more.

Our industry changes rapidly. Minute to minute. It’s gratifying to have peers in TAPS where we can reach out and share ideas, learn best practices and get to know one another.