Our Mission, Vision, Strategic Goals

Our Mission

Advancing the development of healthcare professionals who impact the patient experience.

Our Vision

TAPS is the resource for advancing patient advocacy and improving the patient experience.

Strategic Plan

  • Sustain accountable and responsible practices to reflect and quantify our mission, vision, and values as it relates to our bylaws and overall operational effectiveness;

  • Commit to define and refine our educational purpose based upon our collaboration and partnership with our members and partners;

  • Develop best practices to impact diverse, patient-centered environments.

Strategic Goals:

  • Goal #1 Increase visibility of patient advocacy and volunteer participation across membership and board by developing standardization of processes, duties and expectations;

  • Goal #2 Enhance our educational image by increasing access to high quality, innovative, and low-cost educational opportunities;

  • Goal #3 Position TAPS to be a leading patient advocacy source throughout the state of Texas, including our affiliation with Texas Hospital Association, in the course of the development of educational resources and quick reference guides (QRGs);

  • Goal #4 Maintain membership accountability to our mission via annual assessments (including S.W.O.T. analysis).