​Member Types


TAPS offers three types of Accounts which have three types of Membership.

Account Types

  • Individual Accounts – are for anyone joining TAPS as an individual (professionally or personally).  These can join as any of the appropriate membership types below.
  • Group Accounts – are for organizations who want to register several individual accounts.  It allows for one master account, and multiple sub-accounts.  Dues and registrations for events can be managed and paid for by using the master account while allowing the sub-accounts to have full access to the members-only section of the website.
  • Website Registration Only Account – This is technically a “registered non-member.”

Types of Membership

The following TYPES of membership are available to Individual AND Group Accounts.

  • Active Member $95 annually – Individuals who are employed in a health care environment including, health care patient advocates, patient representatives, nurses, social workers and/or staff members responsible for representing patients and serving as a liaison between patients, families, and the health care institution. By all accounts, TAPS exists for the professional growth and development of these individuals.
  • Associate Member $150 annually – Individuals who have an interest in, but no direct responsibility for patient services or representation in the health care environment.  In most cases, Associate Members are individuals who work for sponsoring organizations and/or have the ability to “sale” to Active Members.  We value our Associate Members for the wealth of information they provide to our members.  Associate Members have full member privileges with the exception that only one Associate Member can serve on the Board of Directors at a time and only in an Director position.Individuals who have an interest, but no direct responsibility for patient services or representation in the health care environment
  • Affiliate Member $50 annually – Individuals interested in understanding the role of, and in associating with, patient advocates, representatives and related patient services professionals. Although Affiliate Members do not have a member vote, they have all other benefits of membership including the conference discount of $100.

Website Registered Users – Free
We invite and encourage anyone with an interest in TAPS to register on our website as a Registered Site User.  This allows you to become a part of the TAPS Community for free.  Registered users do not have access to members-only content, but it does allow users to create a profile so that users can connect with others and register online for TAPS events.

Registered users are not TAPS members.  Listing TAPS as an affiliated organization on a resume or other professional document would be considered inappropriate.  Please consider joining TAPS as a member for the purpose of professional affiliation and full membership benefits.

For Questions about Accounts & Membership, contact us at tapsadmin@taps-online.org